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We care to make a difference

Our Staff and Management

We believe that a home is only as good as the staff who work in it.

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DIRECTOR: Annar Neallani Mangalji

Annar Neallani Mangalji has a Bachelors degree in Social Work from the University of British Columbia, Canada. She is a certified Social Worker in Texas, USA, and has a diploma in Canadian Health Care Administration. Annar has over forty-two years of experience in the care field, thirty years of which have been providing care at the Devonshire, as well as five and a half years at Claremont House, also a Specialist Dementia Care Home in Weybridge. She is a certified dementia mapper and strongly believes in promoting quality of life.

Care Manager: Vanessa Edwards

Vanessa Edwards has been Care Manager for two years. Prior to this she was our Assistant Manager and Administrator for ten years. Vanessa has over eighteen years of experience in the care industry; she is a dementia mapper and has almost completed her QCF level 5 in Health and Social Care. Vanessa’s leadership, positive outlook and energy is well liked by Residents, their families and all our Advocates. Vanessa leads her staff team to create daily joyous moments for our Residents and is committed to providing the best for Residents entrusted in our care.

Assistant Manager: Samantha Edwards

Samantha Edwards, also known as Sammy, has worked at the Devonshire off and on for 10/11 years whilst raising her daughter Daisie. Our Residents look forward to seeing both Sammy and Daisie.  Sammy has worked in every job and is very knowledgeable about the workings of each department from Activities, the Business office, Care of Residents, Housekeeping, Kitchen, Laundry, Maintenance and finally Management. Sammy has developed an eagle eye and pays attention to details. She is an excellent auditor for the Quality Assurance of the Devonshire and makes sure we do what we say. She has gained her dementia mapping certificate and almost completed her QCF level 3 in Health and Social Care. Sammy aspires to managing her own care home in the future.

Assistant Manager: Trudie Chierighini

Trudie Chierighini has worked at the Devonshire since 2008. She started as an Activity Co-Ordinator and part-time cook, and a care assistant. Trudie became an Assistant Manager in 2010. She has her NVQ level 2 and 3, dementia mapping certificate and is currently working on her QCF level 5 in Health and Social Care. Trudie has worked in every department and trains new staff. She loves her job and cannot imagine doing anything else. She oversees the daily activities and makes sure there are lots to choose from, creating many magic moments for our Residents each and every day – Residents adore Trudie!

Assistant Manager: Donna Bedford

Donna Bedford joined the Devonshire Care Team in May 2013 as a Care Assistant and was promoted to Deputy Assistant Manager in November 2013. She had never worked in care before. Her stellar rise to Assistant Manager last year is a result of her caring personality, popularity with Residents and her calm nature, together with her organisational skills at multi-tasking. Donna has recently completed her QCF level 3 in Health and Social Care and is a certified dementia mapper. She loves every aspect of her job at the Devonshire and cannot imagine changing her career. Donna is devoted to the highest standards of care for all our Residents.

Assistant Manager: Yvette Nuwagira

Yvette Nuwagira joined our care team in February 2016. She is in her first year studying Mental Health Nursing at the University of Kingston. Yvette's soft, gentle and caring manner is very popular with our Residents and her lovely smile is infectious. Her observational skills together with her attention to detail ensure that our Residents’ needs are all identified.

Administrative Assistant: Sandra Gomez Sousa

Sandra Gomez Sousa joined our team in June 2016 and we don't know how we managed without her! She is most likely the person you will speak to when you first telephone the Devonshire. Sandra works hard at implementing all the dementia-friendly ideas we keep coming up with! She is also responsible for billing, accounts and other financial matters.

Laundry Manager: Sally Fox  

Sally Fox has worked at the Devonshire since 1998. She started as a Carer, then became Senior Carer, Deputy Manager and in 2014 she decided to take on the laundry as it was giving us so many headaches! Sally has her NVQ level 2 and absolutely hates paperwork even though she is really brilliant at it. Sally is very popular with our Residents. Her sense of humour and sensitivity bring enthusiasm, fun and spirit into the lives of our Residents.  She is often found in the lounge doing pseudo-work with our Residents who were passionate about their laundry or housecleaning.

Kitchen Manager: Rafael Escobar

Rafael Escobar joined our team in 2016 as a cook and has recently been promoted to Kitchen Manager. He is in charge of developing new menus with lots of variety and daily choices,  preparation of all meals including special dietary requirements and making sure the Residents’ meals are nutritious and appetising.  Rafa ensures that mealtimes continue to be one of the highlights of the day. He believes a Resident is always right, and  goes out of his way to make sure they are happy.

Housekeeping Manager: Velina Ivanova

Velina Ivanova, called Villi, has been at the Devonshire for 5 years. She leads a team of efficient housekeepers who all take pride in making sure the Devonshire environment is odourless and clean. Residents like Villi as she always has a bright smile and is very caring.

Activity Coordinator: Vanessa Engledow

Vanessa Engledow leads the robust activity programme with the part-time activity coordinators and minibus driver. Vanessa is very resourceful and creative; she uses her gentle charm and persuasion to engage our Residents in all the varied activities.

Family Advocate and Development Coordinator:
Charlotte Rayani

Charlotte Rayani joined our management team as a Family Advocate and Development Coordinator in 2014. She helps problem-solve, brain storm and specialises in research and quality assurance. Charlotte is a qualified dementia mapper.

Our Panel of Advisors

GP and Consultant: Dr. Naz Jivani

Dr. Naz Jivani is a partner at The Groves Medical Centre. He has been a GP in Kingston for 20 years. He specialises in musculoskeletal conditions and is currently leading a programme of improvements in this area. He is also Clinical Lead for End of Life Care and co-chairs the London Transformation Board. He is chair of the Kingston Clinical Commissioning Group Governing Body and works with other GPs, NHS Kingston, Kingston Council and Kingston's local Healthwatch to take forward the integration of health and social care.

Health Care Consultant: 
Colleen Robinson (M.A., R.TCM.P., R.TCM.H, R.Ac)

Colleen is a highly experienced practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which she combines with Integral Medicine in order to facilitate deeper and faster healing. She has studied and presented in Canada, as well as Florida, California, Oregon, and Washington, continuously seeking to expand the possibility of more health and happiness for her clients.  

Her TCM interventions work with the whole person, utilising a method of pattern recognition which has developed over thousands of years. Assessing the interaction of the mental, emotional, physical, and historical aspects of a person allow her to use food therapy, herbal supplements, and movement therapy to prevent and treat many conditions that are considered challenging to address with standard medical intervention. She incorporates Integral Medicine, which uses the best and most exciting aspects of what scientific progress and exploration has to offer. With it, she accesses the autonomic nervous system in order to find and correct glitches and patterns that cause problems. The beauty of Integral Medicine is in its capacity to work not only gently and in a non-invasive manner, but also at a distance. 

She is honoured to be a consultant for the Devonshire, where the focus is not only on applying the best traditional methods of care and treatment to ensure that their residents are as safe and healthy as possible; but also continuing to search for and apply innovations in the fields to give every resident the opportunity to be as healthy and happy as possible.

Health Care Consultant: Victoria Tischler

Victoria Tischler is Professor of Arts and Health and Head of Dementia Care at the University of West London. She is a chartered psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. She retains an Honorary Associate Professor post in the Division of Psychiatry and Applied Psychology, The University of Nottingham. Victoria’s research focuses on creativity and mental health. She is leading a number of projects that develop the evidence base for arts and multisensory approaches in dementia care, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council and the Wellcome Trust. She is executive editor for the journal 'Arts and Health' and a member of the Boots UK archive scientific advisory board. She has authored many papers on mental health, medical and health humanities, and arts and dementia. She has worked as a curator, is a Trustee of the charity Paintings in Hospitals and is a consultant to PS/Y, a research, curating and public engagement collective. She regularly acts as a media consultant and presenter on art and mental health issues.

We send out an annual questionnaire to all family and friends of our Residents and review the results very carefully.
We are proud to share their comments to the question: 

“What aspects of the home impress you the most?”

“Attitude of all staff; kind, warm, welcoming, patient, understanding and not easily fazed!”

“Staff dedication; it’s a home not an institution.”

“The staff are wonderful, and (there are) lots of activities and outings to keep everyone happy.”

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