• Devonshire Dementia care Residents and staff during covid-19

    Devonshire Dementia care Residents and staff during covid-19

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Updated November 2020


The Devonshire has been one of the luckier care homes during this unprecedented global crisis. Although we, as the rest of the UK and the world, are not out of the woods yet, we are navigating the challenges and are pleased to report that we have all tested negative. We are trying to maintain regular testing so that we can continue to monitor our Residents and staff closely.

We were very sad to have had two confirmed Covid deaths and one suspected Covid related death. After our first hospitalisation we resolved to provide the end of life care our Residents had told us they wanted in their Advanced Care plan. We did not send any other Residents to hospital for Covid related issues. We found and purchased Protective Personal Equipment (PPE). Our Care Manager Smith implemented the necessary precautions: he and the management team reassured, supported and trained staff to join them in providing TLC (tender loving care) and dignified end of life care for our Residents so they could remain in the comfort and familiarity of the Devonshire, amongst staff they recognised and who knew what their wishes were. We were also able to bring family in safely to say their goodbyes.


Respite Support for Family Carers

We are providing respite relief for families struggling with the care of a loved one living with dementia during Covid, so that family carers can take a much needed break without any worry. Minimum stay is two weeks. Call Care Manager Smith on 020 8949 0818 to discuss possibilities, alternatives and your safety concerns.


We have helped our Residents to keep in touch with their family and loved ones via Skype, WhatsApp and video calls. Our annual reviews with families have taken place via Zoom. We have had regular weekly contact with families and are also at the end of the telephone line for any daily concerns.

During the summer months we were able to organise family visits cautiously, in full PPE and under strict infection protocols in the garden or day centre space. Unfortunately with the lockdown visits have now been suspended. This will be revised in line with government guidelines.

Arrange a visit

We are doing show-arounds cautiously in full PPE. You will be asked to enter the home via the Day Centre. Your temperature will be checked and you will be asked a few questions regarding whether you have travelled abroad, or have symptoms. You will be asked to go through our decontamination process. You should leave all your personal belongings and outer wear in this area and put on full personal protective equipment that we provide – mask, gloves, shoe covers and apron – for your own safety and the safety of our Residents and Staff.

You will be escorted through the process by a senior member of staff or member of the Management Team.


We commemorated World Alzheimer’s day on 21st September by hosting a FREE Dementia Awareness Workshop on Zoom.

We were joined by family carers via Zoom in the afternoon and listened to presentations by our Director Annar, Care Manager Smith, Operations Manager Sandra and Assistant Manager Donna. They shared their 30+ years of experience and knowledge on how dementia affects the brain and gave tips on how to cope with challenging situations.

We were delighted to receive some very positive feedback and hope that we can offer this support to more family carers in our planned series of five dementia awareness workshops.

Our next Residents' Advocates Zoom meeting will be held on 8th December 2020.

Please call Sandra on 020 8949 0818 to receive your Zoom link.


We are Zooming, singing, chatting and following Government guidelines

We are keeping up with each other and meeting on Zoom. The singing isn’t always completely successful but it’s nice to see and hear everyone. Please let us know if you need a device on loan or help zooming in. Please call Jola on 020 8949 0818 to find out more and register.


Regretfully our Devonshire Dementia Day Centre remains closed due to the lack of availability of regular intermittent testing, which makes it still too risky to re-open. Until we can establish a reliable source and supply, or the science tells us otherwise, we must follow government guidelines. We look forward to a time when we can welcome you to spend a fun day with us in the not-too-distant future.


We are proud to say we have now launched our advice and support helpline for families struggling with the care of their loved ones living with dementia during the Covid-19 pandemic.

If you’re struggling with care during Covid-19 pandemic – call the Devonshire Dementia Help & Support Line. Available weekdays 9am to 5pm.

CALL 020 8949 0818


We are delighted to announce that our loved Fresh Air Drives have been resumed.

Further Resources

For more information on Covid and Dementia visit the Alzheimer’s Society.