• Dementia cabinet 'The Dispensary' by artist Tabatha Andrews

    Dementia cabinet 'The Dispensary' by artist Tabatha Andrews

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Dementia News: our work with Professor Victoria Tischler

University of West London Professor Victoria Tischler is working closely with our team at the Devonshire on several fronts. We are collaborating on the fifties tea room; hoping to work with their students on nutrition; expanding on our inhouse research into the effects of changes in circadian rhythm on Residents living with dementia, together with further research into the increase of UTI infections in people living with dementia.

Victoria has kindly arranged for a beautiful commissioned cabinet to be housed at the Devonshire called 'The Dispensary'. Artist Tabatha Andrews won the Public Art Award in 2015 for its creation. There are lots of nooks and crannies for Residents to explore and interact with.

We are committed to finding any way we can to enhance our Residents’ well-being and make each day count through music and also art.

Dr Tim Blis said that until the underlying causes of dementia are identified we need to explore every possible way of making contact through art with dementia sufferers who have been so cruelly robbed of memory, empathy and all those precious faculties of mind which make up our humanity

Dementia cabinet 'The Dispensary' by artist Tabatha Andrews