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Devonshire Dementia Day Centre Preview 27th September 2018

On yet another warm Indian summer evening our new Devonshire Dementia Day Centre, next door, welcomed guests including the Mayor of the Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames, councillors as well as representatives from the Alzheimer’s Society UK – as it marked its opening with a Preview.

Professionals and community leaders alike came in through an umbrella installation at the entrance of the Day Centre. The umbrella reflects protection and sanctuary from harsh elements – it was made using vintage colours from the 1950s, which is the era generally recreated for those living with dementia at present. Many passers by sent us emails and tweets to say that the umbrellas brightened up their morning! The Day Centre was styled as a Lyons Tea Room with a dementia-friendly terrace garden mimicking a 1950s street scene brightly lit by lights garlanded onto the apple tree.  We have now renamed the apple tree, the Tree of Hope.

Thank you to the Surrey Comet!

Your article contributes to highlight the challenges of caring for a loved one living with dementia.

It brings hope by introducing the concept of a day centre like Devonshire Dementia Day Centre and how spending a day there can help reduce isolation and improve quality of life.

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The Devonshire Dementia Care Home and Devonshire Dementia Day Centre teams all together

The Worshipful Mayor of the Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames Councillor Thay Thayalan, Councillor Margaret Thompson, Smithmon Sasi and Annar Mangalji

The purpose of the evening was to celebrate the hope and joy the opening of the Day Centre brings for people living with Dementia. As guests explored the new space and mingled with colleagues and acquaintances, many also had a chance to take in the incredibly effective Virtual Tour of dementia that helps people to experience what it feels like to live with dementia. We hope that all of these experiences including the lighting, music, food and drink resonate with our guests to help them understand how these joyful moments make a day special for those that the Day Centre will serve.

The Worshipful Mayor of the Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames Councillor Thay Thayalan and Councillor Tim Cobbett

The Worshipful Mayor of the Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames Councillor Thay Thayalan

Message from Jeremy Hughes, CEO Alzheimer’s Society UK and read by Tim McLachlan operations director Alzheimer’s society UK

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