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We care to make a difference

February Newsletter 2018

Each day staff try and create magical moments for our Residents to enhance their well being through our many interventions and activities. We try to make each day count for every Resident. We also try and capture some of the special moments that are joyful where Residents show their excitement and happiness. Last month we had a few smaller joyful moments…_

Residents have enjoyed the poetry about Winter. Patricia W, Muriel and Jean V decided to make beautiful snowflakes, which are on display with the poems.

Afternoon tea was enjoyed by many Residents this month. Valerie, Peggy, Patricia and visitor Dolly enjoyed each other’s company. It was Peggy’s first time as she has only just moved in. She sang along with Valerie as they enjoyed their tea and cakes. The discussions around the table started off with where each other used to work. Valerie told us all that she used to be a school teacher and enjoyed every minute of it. Peggy said that she didn’t work after she was married, she was a lady of leisure and Dolly commented that she used to work in a shop that was owned by her brother.

One on Ones continue with Residents James, Jeanette, Meryl, Joan and Dot with activities such as manicures, hand massage, music and aromatherapy to ensure these Residents are content and comfortable.